Bachelorette Party Planning: 20 Bachelorette Party Destinations That Are Not Nashville

Are You Busy Bachelorette Party Planning for Your Bestie?

Once you have the dates figured out, the second step is deciding on the bachelorette party destination. Bachelorette party planning can be a big task for the bridal party. We simplified the destination choice for you by selecting 20 of our favorite Bachelorette party destinations that are not Nashville. While we do love the honky tonks and music scene in Nashville, the Nashville bachelorette is an obvious choice and the streets are hopping with several bachelorette parties each weekend night. Let’s expand the option consideration set. All of these cities are spectacular in their own ways. Whether you are planning a bachelorette for a beach-loving bride, a wilderness-loving bride, or a traditional bride, you cannot go wrong with one of these options.

20 Bachelorette Party Destinations

20. Austin, TX

Keep Austin weird. Austin, TX is not only a growing tech hub, but it is also an amazing alternative Bachelorette party destination. As a whole, Austin will make your Bachelorette party planning easy with a music scene comparable to Nashville and a high concentration of bars on Sixth Street.

19. Miami, FL

Let’s go to the beach, South Beach that is. Miami, FL is known for its pristine beaches and wild nightlife. It also has a rich culture and will be a crowd pleaser during any season. Bachelorette party planning is a bit more relaxing when imagining yourself catching some rays.

18. Quebec City, Quebec Canada

Quebec City is historic and reminds us of Europe. It is beautiful and has amazing food. If you have a Bachelorette Party in the fall, the foliage in Quebec City is romantic and lovely. This Bachelorette party destination is for the hopeless romantic bride.

17. Portland, OR

Portland, OR is close to outdoor activities and its citizens are environmentally conscious. On top of that, the city provides amazing local business experiences. Stop by Voodoo Donuts to satisfy your sweet tooth, take a group bike tour, and see the art galleries in the Pearl District.

16. Asheville, NC

Asheville is in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. As a result, it has an assortment of amazing hiking options. After a day hike, check out some of the many craft breweries that seem to always be filled with cute dogs. Asheville may be a small town but it is definitely a great place for Bachelorette party planning.

15. Seattle, WA

Seattle has a reputation for being rainy and grey, but plan on visiting this Bachelorette party destination in the summer and you are likely to have a few sunny days. Seattle has multicultural food options, a great nightlife scene in Capitol Hill and Belltown, and easy access to three national parks and forests. If you want a taste of island life, hop on a ferry to visit the shops on Bainbridge Island.

14. Annapolis, MD

Is the bride a history buff or simply love historical landmark buildings? This colonial seaport is the cutest town in the United States, in our humble opinion. Also, because it is situated on the Chesapeake Bay, the views are beautiful and the air is refreshing. On top of that, crab cakes in Maryland are fresh and delicious.

13. Sonoma, CA

Bachelorette party planning got you stressed? Wine not plan an amazing getaway to wine country?

12. Denver, CO

It seems people are flocking to Denver. Denver, CO not only has infamous mountain ranges but it also has delectable food at restaurants for brunch, dinner, and late night snacks. Like some other cities on the Bachelorette party destinations list, Denver has plenty of breweries and outdoor activities.

11. Boston, MA

Come with your besties to the home of the Red Sox. Even in winter, Boston’s charm is undeniable. Boston has amazing nightlife and cute historic neighborhoods. If the bride loves art, you all should stop by one of Boston’s famous museums.

10. San Francisco, CA

For all the Full House fans, you know the historic row homes of San Francisco. It is hilly, but cable cars will get you to and from  Pier 39. Have a picnic in the parks and get the perfect shot of the Golden Gate Bridge.

9. Las Vegas, NV

Go see a show and spend your besties’ Bachelorette at the world famous Las Vegas. Specifically, many 90s stars now have their own residencies on the Strip. Lets party while singing along with our favorite pop stars. Flights and hotel deals for Las Vegas are common to find when Bachelorette party planning.

8. New Orleans, LA

New Orleans has amazing music, irresistible cajun food, and plenty of chances to party. Eat some beignets for us. This pick from Bachelorette party destinations is the closest experience to a Nashville bachelorette with added spice and diversity.

7. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Looking for a relaxing beach bachelorette party? This getaway has stunning beaches and prime resort options. Water activities like sailing and surfing are aplenty in this vacation destination.

6. Carmel, CA

Carmel is gorgeous. Spend an upscale bachelorette getaway in this prime destination for ocean views, boutique shops, art galleries, and delicious food.

5. Savannah, GA

Savannah Historic District is picturesque. It has beautiful old trees, antebellum-era architecture, and southern hospitality. Eat some comfort food, walk through a park. Additionally, if you have extra time, visit Tybee Island. Finally, finish off the trip with a ghost tour/pub crawl. It will be a haunted time to remember.

4. New York City, NY

The big apple is full of endless possibilities for Bachelorette party planning. See a Broadway show, take a stroll through Central Park, stay out late in the city that never sleeps. We recommend you finish off a late night with a slice of pie.

3. Toronto, ON Canada

Toronto is dynamic and growing. Our favorite area is the Distillery Historic District. The redevelopment of former factories led to a surge in amazing restaurants, breweries, and shops all in a walkable neighborhood. Of course, no trip to Toronto is complete without a stop at the top of the CN Tower.

2. Chicago, IL

Chicago is known for much more than its deep dish pizza. There are amazing comedy clubs, parks, music venues, and beaches along one of the Great Lakes. Beyond that, the City has invested in its riverfront and there are amazing restaurants and bars with riverfront patio seating.

1. San Diego, CA

San Diego is a winner. We love the beaches and the nightlife. Bring the gals during summer for pool parties. Throughout the year, San Diego is our favorite of the Bachelorette party destinations because it has stellar weather, top restaurants, and fun outdoor activities. While San Diego is not yet as popular as Nashville, we think the popularity with brides and bridesmaids will grow.


You decide. Any of these options will make for an excellent bachelorette weekend. Don’t forget to bring some games for your stay.