Best Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets for Every Season 2021

Weddings happen throughout the seasons and brides are getting more creative in their planning. Bright colors, blush tones, and mixed bridesmaid dress pallets are all the rage. The dresses are usually taken care of first but what about the jewelry decision? Whether you are looking for bridesmaid jewelry sets for yourself or for the whole girl gang, we’ve got you covered for every season.

Jewelry Sets are wonderful because they let you buy these perfectly paired items in one purchase. All of these items listed are eligible to be delivered to you since we know that the jewelry decision for the wedding party is likely to be the last item on the list of many wedding to-dos.

The Bridesmaid Jewelry

Jewelry Sets for a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are all about the bright, fiery colors. We want you to shine brightly in the golden sun. Let’s pick jewelry that matches your dazzling personality.

Jewelry Sets for a Fall Wedding

Fall weddings are versatile. Whether your bride friend is choosing the more traditional fall colors or going the way of her own preferences, these styles will impress in wedding photos.

Jewelry Sets for a Spring Wedding

We love pastels and white gold together. Spring is the rainiest season in most places, so we recommend sticking with jewelry that will brighten even the gloomiest of wedding days. And hey, don’t forget to remind the bride that rain on your wedding day is a good omen.

Jewelry Sets for a Winter Wedding

Deep colors and yellow golds. Oh my! Winter weddings are prefect for cuddling up next to the ones you love. Pair these gorgeous bridesmaid jewelry sets with a pashmina and you will be all set for that upcoming winter wedding.

Choosing the Best Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets for a Wedding

Metal Type

Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets come in silver, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. We recommend the bride advise on metal preference. These precious metals are all stunning but the Bride may want all the bridesmaids to have matching metal jewelry pieces.

Wedding Style

Classic, elegant, chic or boho, flowery, and bright. We recommend that you consider the formality and fit of the bridesmaid jewelry sets with the wedding style. In some cases, the pearly chains are the way to go, while with others you may want more brown tones for a boho-glam look.

Jewel Tones

Is the September bride loving Sapphires? A ruby complements the winter season. Purple and pink hues will look lovely with the vernal flower blooms in the spring time. We love all jewel tones and there are definitely some that fit better with certain seasons and some that are timeless classics for year-round wearing, such as the emerald.