Best Nail Polish Sets 2021

In this article, we highlight the absolute best nail polish sets on the market. Use this article when selecting your next set of nail polish. Of course, do not forget the topcoat on your flawless nails.

Overall Best Nail Polish

Essie is a tried and true nail polish brand. People love their Mrs. Always Right color for weddings and we know they have all the colors you could ever want for your next special occasion.

• Fierce colors
• Glossy, smooth finish
• Streak free look

What to Look for in Nail Polish Sets

There are a few key features that one must consider when purchasing nail polish. If you consider the following, you will be happy with your purchase decision. Nail polish will last you many years and it is important that you are happy with the quality of your choice.


The number of color options when picking nail polish is endless. There a bright, matte, muted, neutral, and metallic colors. Nail polish sets often provide multiple fun colors. We hope you are able to find your perfect mix.

Nail polish should be long lasting. We know you do not want your nail polish to chip in just a short time after applying the nail polish. Therefore, we recommend durable nail polish brands.

We want your nails to be smooth as a baby’s bottom. This makes your look professional. Not only do these sets go on smooth, some include top coat nail polish which finishes off the smooth look.

We know you are busy queens and we highlighted the products that quickly dry so that you can get back to your highest priority tasks. Still, please budget some time for drying and plan to wear sandals after applying the nail polish to your toes.

The best nail polishes strengthen your nails. We want your nails to endure the pressures of daily life. Let’s ensure your nail polish promotes nail strength.

The 5 features highlighted are exactly the key things to look for when searching for the best nail polish online. We hope you will consider each of these equally but we know color is King.

All Nail Polish Sets

1. Essie Nail Polish Set

We love quality and Essie is known for its high end nail polish. This product includes smooth, streak free application. There are three color set options for all of your individual preferences. This set includes top coat nail polish.

Essie Nail Polish Set - Best Nail Polish Sets

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2. OPI Nail Polish Set

OPI Nail Polish sets are all about color. Fan favorites nail polish set is a product with all of the best nail polish colors in OPI’s portfolio. The bottles are miniature which is perfect for travel.

OPI Nail Polish Set - Best Nail Polish Sets

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3. Zoya Nail Polish Set

This set has four full-size nail polish bottles. Let’s snuggle up with this classic grouping of colors. You can trust this vegan formula to last many days. Zoya promotes its long lasting quality.

Zoya Nail Polish Set - Best Nail Polish Sets

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4. JINSoon Goop Nail Lacquer Set

JINSoon Goop sets are the definition of smooth. We love these bold reds, but they also have several color options.

JINSoon Goop Nail Lacquer Set - Best Nail Polish Sets

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5. Julep Nail Polish Set

This quality brand of nail polish is known for its durability. Julep uses a vegan formula. Julep sets have a mix of the spicy colors, neutral colors, and the fun metallic.

Julep Nail Polish Set - Best Nail Polish Sets

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With these tips, you are well equipped to choose your perfect nail polish set. All your gal pals will love spending time together choosing nail polish colors, artfully painting nails, and bonding together. You will love all of these sets.