Five Bachelorette Games We Are Loving 2021

Bachelorette games help make the party something your bride will never forget. The newest bachelorette games that brides and bridesmaids are loving go beyond the old pin the tail on the donkey type games. We recommend several bachelorette themed games as well as a few of our party game favorites for any time of year.

The games range from hilarious comedic games, games to get the whole party moving, and games that all generations will love.

We want your bride and all of her besties to be laughing, moving, and celebrating love. We found five bachelorette games that are hot right now.

1. What Do You Meme?

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This is a great game. It is similar to Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, but instead of choosing categories, the phrases and sayings match with famous memes. There are a few expansion packs available. We highly recommend the What Do You Meme Expansion Pack to bring the freshest memes to your bride’s bachelorette games. What Do You Meme will have your party rolling on the floor laughing.

2. Jackbox Party Pack

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Jackbox Games has created fun games for large groups that uses smartphone and tablet technology as controllers to get everyone’s creative juices flowing. The games accommodate up to 8 players. There are five games included in the set, including one of the original games by Jackbox, Quiplash. If you are interested in an additional game, my favorite Pictionary inspired game is Drawful 2.

3. What’s on Your Phone?

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This simple bachelorette game is affordable and a crowdpleaser. The number of players who can play are not defined. Therefore, it is recommended for big groups. It assigns points to individuals based on whether the items that are on the card are on the player’s phone. We especially love the pink heart touches for bachelorette games. 

4. Digital Party Supply Twerking Eyes Booty Shaking Game

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This booty shaking, twerking toy is best for the wilder bachelorette parties. It is hilarious to see your bestie’s guests dance around with googly eyes on their cheeks. I recommend buying this dance accessory for all party attendees to save as a bachelorette memento. Who said bachelorette games need to be competitive? Let’s all get twerking.

5. Bachelorette Party Scratch Off Dare Cards Games

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Who doesn’t love good ole dares? These scratch off cards give your bachelorette games an element of surprise. The reviews attest that this bachelorette game is fun and not too raunchy. However, these cards are recommended for a bachelorette party that is out on the town since it includes interaction with non-party members. If you have a more intimate party, some of the previous recommendations may be a better fit. We hope you are feeling daring.

Have a blast playing these 5 favorite bachelorette games with the brides’ guests. Your party will be nonstop fun.