How to Bustle a Wedding Dress

During her wedding day, a bride wants to feel like a million dollars: she gets to be the princess of her own fairytale for a day, after all. She wants to look absolutely beautiful, stunning, incredible, and for that, she needs the most impressive dress she can find!

However, impressive dresses can be a bit of a pain: they are heavy, delicate, difficult to move in and they can prove a big problem for the brides that are used to comfortable, cozy clothes that are easy to move in. To make the dress something easier to move in, a lot of brides opt for giving the dress a “bustle”, so the tail is removable or at the very least can be held up when walking and dancing.

Of course, getting wedding dress altered can be a bit of an unexpected expense and most brides would prefer to save that money for other things such as the banquet or the honeymoon…and they will think of adding bustle themselves, at home; and while this is possible we want to encourage you to get it professionally done by a professional tailor.

Your wedding dress is absolutely perfect, and it has probably been rather expensive, so why risk damaging it by sewing a bustle yourself when you could get it done professionally for a moderate price? The seamstress will get it done fast, comfortably and in such a way the structure of the dress is not altered. They will take into account the material, the shape, the weight and the fall of the dress to find the perfect way to alter it to combine both beauty and practicality.

Not only that, but they will also teach you how to properly use the bustle so you can easily move the dress around! Just be sure to take a video of the process so you can remember how to properly use it without risking damage to the dress.