Sister Wedding Speech Preparation Guide

Your sister is getting married and you need to prepare the perfect wedding speech for her. Here, we have laid out a sample Maid of Honor speech and a link to our wedding speech guide that will work as a tool to help you perform a showstopping sister wedding speech.

We recommend this makeup bag for the big day. It is cute and fits your role as the woman who knows the Bride best.

Sister Sample Maid of Honor Speech

Hi, My name is Heather and I am the Bride’s sister. We have dreamed of this day since (insert bride’s name) was in middle school. We talked about beautiful flowers we dreamt would be at our weddings. She is the most beautiful bride. Have you ever seen one more beautiful? I remember as little girls, we would dress up in our old Halloween and dance costumes, put on way too much of mom’s makeup and dance around the living room, performing shows for our parents and family

Today, she displayed the same great confidence that she carries with her each day. She is a strong, caring, and joyful woman and I am so proud of the person she has become.

Three years ago, (insert Bride’s name) came home for Mother’s Day and when us two kids snuck out to meet up with old friends she explained to me that she had met someone. Not just someone, she explained to me how (insert Groom’s name) was different this time; that everything was coming so easy and that he was the most supportive, fun, and encouraging person she had ever dated. I knew right then that (insert Groom’s name) could be the one.

When I met (insert Groom’s name) just a few months later, he perfectly fit the description of the man that my sister had described to me. We became fast friends and I can attest that this couple is a perfect pair.

So let’s all raise our glasses and toast to the happy couple. May their days be filled with encouragement, support, laughter, and joy!