What is a Matron of Honor?

If you are getting married soon but you were never too interested in weddings, there are lots of ins and out that will probably sound dumb and incoherent to you. You will probably be flooded with tons of questions that you had never thought of before, like what is the role of the best man, what type of flowers are best for a wedding arrangement, why do the length of the veil and the train relate to the venue you are going to marry in, etc. Today, in this article, we aim to answer the question “what is a matron of honor?”

Matron of Honor Definition

To put it simply and quickly, a matron of honor is the same as a maid of honor, only she is married: the naming of this particular role in a wedding still follows old fashioned, antique conventions and displays the romantic status of the woman undertaking it. If you are uncomfortable with this, there is always the option of using the term “honor attendant” or “woman of honor” (man of honor, if you choose a man for the role).

The role of an “attendant of honor”, be it a matron, a maid, or a man is to help the bride with the delicate details of the day of the wedding: help her get in and out of the dress, make sure her makeup and hair are in place, solve any unexpected events that might trouble the bride (such as a spill or a rip on her clothing), providing emotional support, among others.

Most brides choose a family member, such as a sister or mother, for this role but more and more brides are opting to honor their best friends, female or male, with this special honor: your honor attendant can be anyone you want, as long as you trust them to be up to the challenge on your special day!